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February Market Matters

February Market Matters

February 09, 2021

Though the U.S. still leads the global tally with over 25% of all confirmed COVID -19 cases, new daily case numbers are down as vaccinations ramp up to nearly one million doses being delivered per day.  With a narrowly approved budget plan for a new COVID-19 stimulus package, the debate over the right size of a stimulus and the risk of inflation is heating up, with recent economic data providing support for both sides of the discussion.

Small-cap stocks outperformed large-cap stocks in January as the market digested both the pace of vaccinations as well as the ongoing debate regarding the proposed stimulus package.

The market experienced some movement as GameStop (NYSE: GSE) experienced high volatility as retail investors banded together to force a short squeeze.

To offer an overall perspective on the market and what may come next, attached is the February edition of Market Matters.

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