Going on a Safari?

Going on a Safari?

March 02, 2023

If you were planning the vacation of a lifetime, say an African Safari, would you just buy a plane ticket and hope for the best? No, you would not. Why? Because such a once in a lifetime experience requires planning. It requires booking more than a plane ticket.  You need hotels. You need cars. You need to hire experts to help you enjoy this safari to ensure it's the best experience for you and your loved ones... Just because you can afford an African Safari doesn't mean you are a safari expert. 

You still need to plan the trip AND hire the right experts to help you. 

Every day I talk with intelligent and successful people that are planning the most important trip of their lives; Their Retirement Journey. Yet, often, these people who have accumulated a lot of assets and money for their retirement do not hire experts to help them. Why? It is because they do not understand the accumulation phase of their lives is much different than the distribution phase of their lives. They don't understand the difference because they have never had to plan a retirement before.

My point is this: Spend some money and hire a retirement income planning expert to help you on this the most important journey of your life: Your Retirement Safari.

You've only got once change to make this journey the best trip of your life.


Have a great day!