Spring into April

March 28, 2022

Spring is officially here, which brings a big sigh of relief for folks located in colder parts of the country! The season’s fresh air often inspires spring cleaning, and if that’s on your agenda you’re not alone! A recent survey by the American Cleaning Institute found that 92% of Americans say they will engage in spring cleaning this year. As warmer weather and longer days begin to roll in, it’s a great time for a fresh, clean kickoff to spring. (Now, who wants to come over and wash my windows?!)

Spring also brings renewal and rebirth for all things green and growing. For 52 years, Americans have observed Earth Day on April 22nd. It’s an opportunity to help younger generations learn about the importance of conserving our natural world to ensure we can all enjoy our beautiful planet for generations to come. If you have school-aged kids in your life, here are some fun facts and easy Earth Day activities to help jumpstart their enthusiasm for protecting the planet.

A final odd note this month - did you know that tax day does NOT fall on April 15th this year? Instead, the filing deadline for personal tax returns has been moved to April 18th. To complicate matters, for those who live in Maine or Massachusetts, April 18th is Patriot’s Day, which moves their filing deadline to Tuesday, April 19th. If you need extra time to file your taxes, you can request an automatic extension by visiting the IRS website. But remember, an extension of time to file does not give you an extension of time to pay. You must pay your estimated taxes owed by the April tax deadline to avoid possible penalties.

If you have any Earth Day activities you participate in each year, we’d love to hear about them! And please contact our office if you or your tax professional have any questions or need additional information regarding your financial status before filing your taxes.

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